This copasetic Lipstick Plant plant variety/ Aeschynanthus Radicans is a cool addition to any houseplant collector or someone who just wants something easy to care for! Have a meow-raptor who likes to nibble on leaves? No worries with the lipstick plant, they are toxic-free and pet safe.


The lipstick plant loves high humidity and needs it to bloom, the blooms are where the lipstick plant gets his name -- tubular petals with different color varieties depending on the type. The blooms are red and makes for a stunning plant against the green colored leaves. 

Toxic-free/pet safe.

Water when soil is dry, they can tolerate being dry between waterings but they CANNOT tolerate overwatering. 

Fully rooted.

Lipstick Plant, Aeschynanthus Radicans, Unique, Blooming, Pet Safe

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