Neon Pothos, Beginner, Low Light

Neon Pothos, Beginner, Low Light

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Neon pothos, Epipremnum aureum, is one of our best sellers and it's not hard to see why. Those long, oval shaped leaves are just a stunner on any pothos, but the neon one is definitely hard to miss. The lemon lime green leaves are often mistaken for a philodendron cordatum neon but in comparison up close, you can clearly see the difference. This is a great beginner houseplant as they do well drying out between waterings and prefer lower light conditions.


Light: Low to med indirect light.

Soil: We sell this mix here (coming soon!)

Water: Water once per week when top 2 in. of soil is dry.

Humidity: None.

Temp: Keep above 70°F

TOXIC. Keep away from fur and human babies.


    99% of the time, you will NOT receive the plant in the image but one that is very similar and the same size. No two plants are identical and that goes for number of leaves, variegation patterns, etc. but I do my best to make sure that if any of them look totally different, to add a new listing. In other words, if you buy a 4" plant that's well established, that's what you're going to get, promise.


    Exchanges accepted.

    Exceptions may apply.


    All plants are shipped priority mail through USPS. 

    All plants are shipped bare root, wrapped in spaghnum moss.

    It is normal for a plant to be stressed with shipping, they can look droopy or even lose some leaves in transit or right after. Please allow 3 days for the plant to perk up.

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