These one of a kind pre-made succulent wall frames are one of our favorites that we have ever made and are exclusive to It's A Plant Thang. These are created by us, the frame and overall arrangement.
The entire intention throughout the making of this frame was one of reflection, calm and serenity. The crystals added envoke those feelings and energy as well as the deep teal color the moss has been dyed.
This frame is a mix of 12 succulents; from echeveria to string of pearls. This variety is one that will continue to live and thrive in this frame for a long time. 
All frames have the ability to remove individual plants in the future to add different ones into the frame should they not survive or you want a different look.  The only parts that are glued permanently in are the holders inside the frame and the moss. We try to make it easy to keep your frame for years to come, even with new plant babies added.
Can be hung outdoors or indoors depending on weather.  We suggest not putting them in direct sun as that can scorch some of the plant leaves but also it will make your wooden frame fade. 
There is NO DRAINAGE HOLE on the back in our succulent frames however it will drain when tilted up in case you overwatered due to the frame not being water tight. This helps if you overwatered it. 
For watering: We suggest taking off the wall, watering it in your sink and tilting it up as if it's hanging on your wall to let any excess water drain out on the bottom. Hang back up whenever it's no longer draining (usually 20 minutes later). 
Light: Bright indirect light inside or outdoors
Soil: Succulent mix
Water: It's important NOT to overwater succulents. Too much attention will cause root rot. During the summer, we suggest watering once a every 2 weeks and once a month during the winter. 
Humidity: None needed
Temp: Keep above 50°F
Some of these varieties are non-toxic but we suggest keeping them away from fur and human babies as some in this mix are toxic.
These make wonderful gifts.

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