Rose of Jericho or the Resurrection plant is one of our favorite plants here at the shop. This plant gets it's name because in it's natural habitat water can be scarce so it will dry up into a 'tumbleweed' type plant and blow across the land until it finds water again. There it will start to unfold and turn green again until the water is gone and then it will continue the process throughout it's life. This plant live up to 7 years without any water ... amazing!


Resurrection plants are great houseplants for parlor tricks or because they are GORGEOUS when revived and green. They are used for religious purposes during the holidays as a metaphor for the resurrection of Christ as well.


So what do you do with one? Simple, you can place it in a bowl of water and watch it start to unfurl within a few hours and to it's fullest potential in a few days! From there you can mist it and keep it in a pebble tray with a small amount of water or you can let it close again and store it for another day in a cool, dry area of your home. If you'd like to keep it alive permanently, you can actually plant your revived ressurrection plant into soil where it will root and grow. 


Light: Low to bright indirect light.

Soil: None required.

Water: Water when ready for it to unfurl. 

Humidity: None.

Temp: Keep above 40°F


UNKNOWN. Best to keep them away from human and fur babies!

Resurrection Plant, Rose of Jericho, Selaginella Lepidophylla, Dinosaur Plant