These epiphytic cactus are often pinkish or reddish when immature and bloom small white/yellow flowers along their leaves with maturity and the right growing conditions. Rhipsalis pachyptera is a unique succulent as they do not like direct sunlight, this can cause spotting and yellowing of the leaves and they like to be watered once every week to 10 days as to not get too dry. 


Light: Medium indirect bright light.

Soil: A good mixture between potting soil and perlite for drainage. We also sell blends in our store!

Water: Do not let this plant dry out like a regular succulent, watering once every 7-10 days is ideal depending on heat and weather conditions. 

Humidity: Not necessary but they do enjoy humid conditions. 

Temp: Keep above 50°F


TOXIC. Keep away from human and fur babies.

Rhipsalis Pachyptera, Epiphytic cactus, Unique, Uncommon