We are the first to admit it, Staghorn Ferns used to intimidate us. Like, reallllly intimate us.

But can you blame us? When you see these works of art and throw in "FERN" it's like ... welp, that's gonna die on me. But surprisingly, they are much simplier to take care of than we thought! Our 'younger' ferns come rooted in soil and they are happy as is until they mature when they'll need to be taken out and mounted due to them being a epiphyte type of plant. What is a epiphyte? Well, that means it's a plant that gets it's moisture from the plants it's attached to and fronds, like a tree. (Think ... an orchid, they grow in bark chips!) and they're truly unique to look at, especially because a few years ago they were almost impossible to find. We are happy we offer these in our store finally!


Light: Bright indirect light but no direct sunlight.

Soil: If you do not want to mount your staghorn, that's okay! You can repot these in a well-draining mixture like bark chips or spaghnum moss.

Water: Mist your staghorn fern daily or every other day if not near a humidifier, and water for a few minutes until water is drained when potted in a medium.

Humidity: Mist daily or put near a humidifer.

Temp: Keep above 50°F


NON-TOXIC. Safe around pet and human babies!

Staghorn Fern, Pet Safe, High Humidity, Unique

  • 99% of the time, you will NOT receive the plant in the image but one that is very similar and the same size. No two plants are identical and that goes for number of leaves, variegation patterns, etc. but I do my best to make sure that if any of them look totally different, to add a new listing. In other words, if you buy a 4" plant that's well established, that's what you're going to get, promise.