String of Pearls is always the talk of the party when people see them for the first time, theyre cute and they look like lil peas.


I get a lot of questions about SOP at the store and it's because the number one issue is that they are overwatered. Some basic care instructions and this groovy dude will continue to thrive!


They like bright indirect or direct sunshine. They are a succulent so watering ONLY when the soil is completely dry and then wait a few extra days is what I say. The key to keeping your pearls from getting too waterlogged is to water from the bottom. That means you'll need a pot (like the one she comes in) and will put it in a bowl of water for about 20 mins until the top of her soil is wet. 


Repot only when absolutely needed and pot is completely compacted by the roots. Use succulent/cactus mix.


String of Pearls is toxic so keep away from those furry and non-furry kiddos of yours!

String Of Pearls, Succulent, Senecio Rowleyanus, String of Peas

  • 99% of the time, you will NOT receive the plant in the image but one that is very similar and the same size. No two plants are identical and that goes for number of leaves, variegation patterns, etc. but I do my best to make sure that if any of them look totally different, to add a new listing. In other words, if you buy a 4" plant that's well established, that's what you're going to get, promise.