The King of Airplants, the Tillandsia Xerographica is an impressive plant as it can reach up to 3 feet in size! This epiphyte type plant gets it's moisture not from the soil, but the plants around it, humidity and decaying plant matter (in it's natural environment of course!) 


Light: Bright indirect light.

Soil: None. They do not get potted in soil. 

Water: Mist regularly a few times a week and if you live in a dry environment (like us in colorado) you'll want to soak your airplant for 30-45 minutes once a week to keep them happy. Make sure to dry them upside down to prevent rot. 

Humidity: Not required but they do love humidity.

Temp: Keep above 40 degrees F. 


NON-TOXIC. Safe to keep around fur and human babies!

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