Zebra plants are one of our best sellers for a very clear reason --- they are GORGEOUS. And did you know that they bloom?! 


To take care of this beauty, you'll want bright indirect light and consistently moist soil (do not let these dry out!). We recommend to put your zebra plant next to a humidifer or at least on a pebble tray (a plate or tray with pebbles and water) to boost the humidity around the plant and to keep it happy.


This plant is non-toxic and safe for pets making it another reason it's so popular in our store.

Zebra Plant, Aphelandra Squarrosa, Blooming, Unique, Stripes

  • Ships bare root with damp spaghnum moss. 

    It is normal for a plant to be stressed with shipping, they can look droopy or even lose some leaves in transit or right after. Please allow 3 days for the plant to perk up.