Wandering dude's are one of the most recognizable houseplants on the market and for good reason; they are great beginner plants when you want to graduate from a pothos or philodendron and want to add some new colors to your collection.  Quick growers, easy to propogate (seriously they root in 4-5 days usually!) and striking color variations make this type of houseplant one of our personal favorites.


Light: Bright, indirect light

Soil: Regular potting soil

Water: Stick finger into soil up to your knuckle, if soil is dry, water. Very forgiving if neglected though the tips of leaves will start to brown and bottom will start to fall off. 

Humidity: Not required but they grow much faster with some humidity near them.

Temp: Keep above 55°F


TOXIC. Keep away from human and fur babies.

Zebrina Wandering Dude, Tradescantia, Purple, Sparkly, Easy, Silver