Plant Soil

When we changed our store-front to a mobile pop-up, we had a lot of worried customers because they loved our in-store potting station.

Don't worry anymore -- we have now released our custom made soil mixes!

Made with organic and premium ingredients, each bag is hand-mixed to ensure the perfect ratio. Every mix is made specifically for your monstera, philodendron, etc. and have been tried and tested to ensure the most important things

when repotting:

+ Aeration

+ Quality

+ Water retaining but also quick draining so plants roots stay healthy

+ Natural fertilizer that's safe for humans and fur babies.


How do I know what's in my soil?

Every bag has an ingredient

list (but not the ratio of each -- that's our secret formula!) and what's make our soil so successful and happy for your plants!

Why buy your soil instead of miracle gro?

Miracle gro is not healthy for every houseplant because it's too heavy and retains water and doesn't provide enough aeration. If you're investing in quality plants, you should do the same with your soil to ensure the best life for them, and to watch them grow and be healthy.

It's A
plant Thang

custom soil