bright Light

house plants

How does it feel to have such bright light in your home?!

We gets jealous of succulent, cactus and bright light tropical owners that don't need grow lights because they have big windows or their home is south or east facing. Another plus? A lot of plants that bloom love bright light to do so i.e. Hoyas, carnivorous and lipstick plants are awesome ones to have in these rooms!

Note: It's important to remember this is for bright indirect light, not direct. Too many plants can burn, even certain cacti, in direct sunlight so it's important to have a barrier so that things don't burn as they'll die pretty quickly this way.


what's considered bright light?

It's hard to give an exact answer because many factors include what direction your window is facing, any obstructions like large trees or patio covers and curtains, etc. But a good place to start is following this guide:

+ South and East facing windows with little or no obstructions. outside & the sun's rays do not hit the plant directly (that is direct sun).
+ Any place you can see in during the day and don't need to turn on additional lights to do activities.
+ A home or room with lots of windows to let in natural light
+ A north facing, covered outdoor balcony.