The Scefflera Arboricola Variegated/Non-Variegated is an adorable plant nicknamed the dwarf umbrella tree. Sometimes used as bonsais, these houseplants can tolerate low to high indirect light and are gorgeous in hanging baskets or growing up a trellis depending. To keep your umbrella tree bushy, trim back over grown stalks that are 'leggy' or just let it climb for a unique look. 


Light: Low to bright indirect light

Soil: Regular potting mix is fine, ideally you'd use 75% peat moss and 25% perlite

Water: Water regularly and do not let plant dry out. They are forgiving plants when dry but for optimal growth it's best to keep soil moist.

Humidity: No special requirements

Temp: Keep above 60°F

TOXIC, keep away from fur and human babies.

Dwarf Umbrella Tree, Variegated, Schefflera Arboricola, Beginner, Low Light