Unique and beautiful moss poles for your plants -- great for monsteras, pink princess philodendrons (or any philodendron that likes to climb!), scindapsis, ivy, pothos, and more that you want to add an extra special touch to. If you ever wonder why some monsteras produce bigger leaves or are more manageable, it's because it's using a climbing moss pole or trellis!

All colors are customizable, please let me know if the options what colors you would like in your final product.

The pole pictured is not the one you will receive, each one is custom made for each order. Please allow 1-3 business days for moss poles to be created. 

Moss poles are used to allow climbing/vining/trailing to grow upwards. Plants that are able to grow upwards often produce larger leaves and in the cases of monstera, increased fenestration. Allowing a plant to climb also can result in a fuller and more manageable house plant. 

These moss poles are in all honest some of the most beautiful I have seen, I started making these for friends and they were such a popular hit that I knew I had to make them for our store. They are offered in different sizes below. Please remember that each size is approximate and may vary slightly.

Moss is customizable but if you do not want an accent color, you will get a green and beige moss pole like pictures but without the purple accent moss. 
Your color options are 

The ends of each moss pole is carved for easier staking into soil, bark or whatever medium you choose to grow your plants in! 

** Also comes with garden twine for you to tie your plant to your pole upon arrival. 

Sizes Offered --
(These measurements are for the moss covered portions of your moss pole, these sizes DO NOT reflect the portion that goes inside the pot.)

Small - 12" 
Medium - 14"
Large - 18"
XL - 24" 

Please contact me for custom orders, I'm happy to make them for you!

Unique and Beautiful Moss Pole for Climbing Houseplants, Customizable

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  • You will not receive the exact moss pole pictured but one that is similar, they are all made individually and are unique. 

  • Returns are not accepted for moss poles as they are made per order.