Want that lush southern garden feel to your home but want to leave behind the chiggers and bugs that comes with snagging it from outside? Snag a bundle of our live and bug free spanish moss! Looks great as decor hanging from tables and wall frames or as a addition to your terrarium.


Be sure to spray with a water bottle every week to keep them fresh and happy -- or set them near a humidifier or even in your bathroom. 

Spanish Moss Bundle, Live, Clean, Decor or Terrariums, Airplant, Crafts

  • 99% of the time, you will NOT receive the plant in the image but one that is very similar and the same size. No two plants are identical and that goes for number of leaves, variegation patterns, etc. but I do my best to make sure that if any of them look totally different, to add a new listing. In other words, if you buy a 4" plant that's well established, that's what you're going to get, promise.